This page is to give you updates on our orders and sales to answer some general questions.

Sale Guidelines

  • We’ll be process E-Transfers in the order we receive them, and we try to work over the weekends to get all the orders done when we’re able to.
  • With the e-transfers as the guiding factor in order processing, an order placed on Friday is much more likely to be shipped for Monday than an order on Sunday!
  • We will be posting regular updates here about our progress when we can!
  • We may not always be able to respond on Live Chat due to the sheer volume of people messaging us and the amount of orders, please email us at [email protected] if you don’t get a reply.

Start of 2018 Sale

  • Wed Jan 17th 11:30AM – We’re almost caught up now! All of Tuesdays orders that went through and the majority of the orders from this morning are being shipped out today, any orders received today from 11AM onwards will be shipped out tomorrow.
  • Tue Jan 16th 11:30AM – We grabbed the remainder of Mondays orders and almost all of the Tuesday orders as well. The volume of orders has been increasing each day, so we’re currently processing and packing all of the Tuesday orders, all Tuesday E-Transfers will be collected later tonight and processed/shipped tomorrow. Thanks for making the sale such a success, you guys are awesome!
  • Mon Jan 15th – All of the early Fri orders and Saturday orders were processed, as well as the majority of the Sunday orders.
  • Sat Jan 13th – Sale is live! Check the Sale Blog Post for more information about the sale itself and our new inventory, or check the Deals area to see other stuff.