As you browse our site you’ll immediately notice that all of our products are categorized as either sativa, indica, or hybrid. If you’re an experienced mail order weed consumer this isn’t anything new for you, but if you haven’t spent as much time buying weed online, this may need some explanation. In fact, even some people who have used marijuana for years really don’t understand all of the subtleties of these categories.

If you ask people shopping for marijuana online today what the difference between Indica and Sativa strains is, most won’t know. Those that do will focus on their physical and mental effects and benefits which can be very distinct. Both kinds of Cannabis have medical benefits. The real question is just which symptoms you’re hoping to manage.

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Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Strains Explained

Indica strains are usually known for being more relaxing and even sedating. These are the strains that produce the “full body stone” effects that can produce “couch lock,” or the feeling of being content to stay glued to the sofa binge watching your favorite show and otherwise relaxing.

Sativa strains are usually known for being more uplifting and energizing. These are the strains that can produce a rush of creativity or a boost of happiness and productivity.

Because of these very basic differences, sativa strains are a popular daytime use choice, while indica strains are commonly chosen for evening or nighttime use. However, there’s far more to the choice than that.

Indica strains are ideal choices for serious pain management. They can also help patients struggling with nausea or insomnia. Cancer patients, migraine sufferers, insomniacs, and those with a variety of chronic pain issues often shop for indica strains.

Sativa strains are often highly effective in treating depression. They are also useful for treating fatigue and anxiety. Patients with a variety of mental and emotional health issues often shop for sativa strains, as do people simply looking for creative inspiration.

So what about hybrids? Since we’ve begun to learn so much about the molecular structure and biological function of cannabinoids, it’s become clear that hybrids are sometimes the best choice for patients looking to blend “the best of both worlds” as they shop for weed online.