Marijuana extracts are far more potent that simple smoked buds. Especially for medical marijuana patients, marijuana concentrates are essential for management of symptoms and pain. This is because a well-made marijuana extract has all of the benefits of the original medical grade plant, with its effects magnified by concentration.

In fact, marijuana extracts can feature THC levels as high as 80 to 90 percent. This is why so many medical patients buy marijuana extracts online so they can more easily treat serious and chronic ailments. They also need to be sure their provider is reliable, since cannabis extracts for sale must always be tested for purity and shown to be free of unhealthy ingredients and contaminants.

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Marijuana concentrates are typically made with solvents such as butane. Even though many of these products start out the same way, with a high-quality medical grade marijuana and a solvent, the end result can appear different depending on the process itself and the consistency of the end concentrate.

In fact, texture and the use of solvents are the key differences between most of these marijuana extracts. Hashes and rosins are extracted without solvents; these are preferred by those who are concerned about solvents, although their use is common and considered safe when handled properly. Most other marijuana concentrates are produced using solvents and can be distinguished based on texture.

A shatter has a consistency that is a little like glass—brittle and easily breakable. It can easily be pieced up for consumption. It has a long shelf life and it fairly stable despite its tendency to break. It’s best for dabbing although shards can also be twaxed (smoked inside a joint).

Sap has a texture just like it sounds, and is kind of like a sticky, pliable form of shatter. It is very sticky and can be difficult to manage, but if you keep it in a non-stick container such as a silicone case, it works well. It can be vaped, dabbed, or twaxed.

Crumble, wax, and budder are basically the same thing. They are opaque and waxy, looking like anything from ear wax to peanut butter. They are less stable and so have a shorter shelf life, but can be easily consumed in multiple ways: you can vape, dab, smoke, twax, or even use them in edibles, but only after activating them.