This page is to give you updates on our orders and sales to answer some general questions.

Sale Guidelines

  • We’ll be process E-Transfers in the order we receive them, and work regularly over the weekend to get all the orders done.  We had over 150 orders in 3 days during our March sale.
  • You could order on Friday but we might not process your order until Sunday, it simply means that we’re working through orders that were before yours.
  • We will be posting regular updates here about our progress, please check here before messaging us on live chat.
  • We may not always be able to respond on Live Chat due to the sheer volume of people messaging us and the amount of orders.

420 Sale

  • 04/20 5:00PM PST – We’re on the last leg of the sale, all orders this afternoon and tomorrow morning will be shipped out by end of Friday.
  • 04/19 12:00PM PST – Sending out another batch of tracking codes, packing up orders from yesterday (the 18th) today.
  • 04/18 8:00PM PST – Sorry for the lack of updates, we worked a man short for 13 hours to mail out the last of the main sale orders, sending out orders from the 17th onwards.
  • 04/17 5:35PM PST – A large batch of orders was mailed out earlier today and tracking codes are sent, we’re now working through a second batch that we’ll be shipping out early tomorrow. We apologize for the delay in getting all of the orders out, unfortunately we were understaffed Saturday & Today which slowed things down.
  • 04/17 12:30PM PST – We’re processing another large batch of orders, we’ll hopefully be 75% through the bulk of our 420 sale orders by the end of today.
  • 04/15 12:00PM PST – We’ve been moving through the second set of orders, one thing to note to anyone worried about if they’ll get X product or it will sell out before we get to their order. 95% of the products on the site were pre-weighed and stocked into our e-commerce system, so your flower will be safe. We’ll be contacting anyone that we need to make a swap on beforehand!
  • 04/14 6:00PM PST – First set of orders are being dropped off at the post office and we’ll get their tracking numbers out later tonight. Back at it tomorrow. 🙂
  • 04/14 1:00PM PST – We’re steadily knocking out orders, some of the strains are starting to run out so we suggest you grab quick!
  • 04/13 7:30PM PST – Sale is almost here! The majority of products have been added to the website. Check the Sale Blog Post for more information about the sale itself and some of our new inventory, or check the Deals area to see other critical info.

Previous Sales

March 2017

March Madness Sale

03/20 11:30AM PST – We’ve officially ended the sale and are processing the remaining orders throughout the day. Thank you everyone for an amazingly successful sale!

03/19 5:30PM PST – Less than 10 orders left to process from the weekend, we’ve decided to leave the sale up until Monday. We’ll start again tomorrow.

03/19 10:31AM PST – We’ve begun packing up orders and will begin accepting e-transfers for them in the next few hours. Note: If you cancel your e-transfer, your order is going to be paused until we receive another e-transfer.

03/18 8:16PM PST – We just added Durban Poison, a cost-effective Sativa to our inventory, competitively priced at $130/oz and available now!

03/18 6:23PM PST – We’ve accepted and processed all of our orders today (60 orders total!) so we’re on the home stretch of the orders tomorrow, we estimate all previous orders should be shipped out tomorrow. 🙂 Worst case, monday before the 4PM cutoff! Thanks for being such great customers! Have a great weekend.

03/18 3:38PM PST – Steadily processing orders still, we’ve also restocked some Phyto and added two new strains: Mr President (Hybrid) and Fire OG (Hybrid)

03/18 11AM PST – We’ve started processing and packing more orders, several people have asked about the FRIDAYXPRESS coupon fiasco. If you managed to get that coupon in you’ll be getting Free XpressPost regardless of having selected the free regular parcel. 🙂

03/17 6:30PM PST – We’ve finished processing and packing orders for the day, if your order was set to Processing / Packing you can expect a tracking number later tonight, otherwise we’ll get to your order in the order E-Transfers were received. Thanks for your patience and have an excellent weekend!

03/17 3:41PM PST – If your e-transfer hasn’t been accepted yet, don’t worry! We’re processing orders in the order the E-Transfers were received and we’ll be steadily processing over the weekend. Orders will be moved to Processing, then Packing, then Completed. Upon the order being ‘Completed’ you’ll receive your tracking information via e-mail. (Tracking info is also available on the order page when logged into the site!)

03/17 10:30AM PST – We’re steadily accepting E-Transfers and processing orders, we had an unbelievable amount of orders flood in right when the sale started which greatly exceeded our expectations and we can’t thank you all enough!